Épi Earrings


Handcrafted in Italy and France. Each iconic object is made with top-quality stainless steel coils and comes in a keepsake box. Our distinct designs are labeled to mark authenticity.

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The EPI family was thought up on a midsummer day while our designer and artist, Tiziana Redavid, was immersed in cornfields. She imagined that the corn suddenly enveloped her body, giving it brilliance, warmth, a sense of belonging, and uniqueness.
Each pearl sits differently on the body as it moves. It’s like gazing at an imaginary cornfield being caressed by a warm wind.
The necklace is completed with a brand-named stainless steel clasp with magnets specially designed, produced, engraved, and mounted one by one.

Authentic, Made in Italy and France, our bijoux are crafted with an hight level of production, in Turin and Paris with help from our long-standing network of Italian suppliers.
They are born from rigorous industrial design.
With proper care, they should last forever.
Each earring is made up of original top quality springs in pure stainless steel.

Beware of imitations.